A champion of boldness, lushness, vibrancy.

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11 thoughts on “A champion of boldness, lushness, vibrancy.

  1. A beautiful post, the last part especially. What an awesome sentiment: when someone dies, go into the kitchen and cook – cook well. I will remember that.

  2. You know, Jhana… when I lost my father I did instinctively exactly the same thing. Like waiting for him to come sit at my table even knowing he wil never be able to do it again.
    When he died the very fabric of my life was ripped to shreds. I did not even expect it to happen. And everything happened in only eight days. Too fast for me. I still have his cell phone number in the memory of my phone, as always. I can not erase it.
    Loosing a friend, even if a special one – and regarding his” particular” death it’s hard to express in words, especially here. Death comes always uninvited.

    Do you ever travel to Italy?

  3. What an incredible post ~ description of a spirit perfectly captured in words, design and in photographs. Nothing in the world like aspiring to be hard-nosed at what you love and of course an avid sensualist. Love the life around us and live it with boldness ~ as an old friend of mine once told me when I got out into the real world “go forward boldly” and it really is that simple. There is courage I take from this post, and especially with one quote: “…disapproved of white wine, finding it pale and insipid.” I will have to use this often when demanding red while others choose white 🙂
    Cheers to a great weekend!

    • YOU DO go forward BOLDLY!
      Everybody has a plan…until they get punched in the face – Mike Tyson dixit. But even when that happens, you go forward boldly. Always!
      So boldly that you could make me forget about the insipid white wine… yes???

      Cheers to a great weekend, my dear.

    • A tribute to LIFE… As well as the one we can observe in the Natural History Museum in Berlin: there is a glass cabinet in which a lion looks into the eyes of a zebra. They are just a few feet away from each other, with no barrier between them, but this lion will nonetheless never claw at this zebra’s flanks, nor break its neck nor tear out its bowels. They seem instead quite comfortable in each others’ presence, like old acquaintances, reminiscing perhaps about the warm savannah sun. The threat of imminent, violent death has been banished. And that, of course, is because they are filled with cold metal and wood shavings, instead of the hot blood that made them once alive and mortal enemies.

      • … but think: civilization started with making BREAD. Homo fecit panem, (et panis fecit hominem!). Civilization meant BREAD, not processed food only that we forgot it… Bread contains flour, water, yeast and salt. That’s it.
        While the instinct to dominate and be competitive is innate;
        In his influential book African Genesis (1961) the American playwright Robert Ardrey described humans as ‘Cain’s children’:
        Man is a predator whose natural instinct is to kill with a weapon. It is war and the instinct for territory that has led to the great accomplishments of Western Man.
        Dreams may have inspired our love of freedom, but only war and weapons have made it ours.

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