Time is so old and love so brief .

how do you keep your music playing

9 thoughts on “Time is so old and love so brief .

  1. “Love is a spark, lost in the dark…too soon, too soon.” But there is nothing greater than experiencing such sparks as ideal love is created from such and as it written above, no matter what happens on the outside the circle of relationship, true love will always endure. Love and life is a supernova to be enjoyed and felt, not feared.

    • You make me smile.
      Over and over again.

      I was … singing last night! and I am still singing / Bennett is really inspiring! Love and life is a supernova to be enjoyed and felt, not feared: what you told me during the time… with patience, and warmth, and I will always thank you. And, if I absolutely had to choose I would much rather “soar briefly to the highest heights” than have “contentment for many years” as so many unfortunately do – the truth is, I don’t need “companionate love”, I want much more – I have that in myself.
      “Companionate love” will never be Love” with a capital “L”. This only happens when the people’s spirits and souls comunicate, connect, touch, and also intertwine and THIS is the only kind of love which should last forever. Ergo, “Companionate love” is a sort of surrogate… or what someone tells us:
      Companionate love is an intimate, non-passionate type of love that is stronger than friendship because of the element of long-term commitment. “This type of love is observed in long-term marriages where passion is no longer present but where a deep affection and commitment remain”. Companionate love: ashes of two people and their past. If there they have had a “past”.

      Now let’s dance πŸ™‚
      Or go at the market. I will have guests during the weekend… and I have only a pale idea about the menΓΉ… This is a real tragedy!
      Because of you there’s a song in my heart
      Because of you the sun will shine
      The moon and stars will say you’ll mine…

      but this is another song πŸ™‚

    • … when I had it, it just wasn’t enough and I had the courage to say it loud ( as you can imagine, I did not spend all these years alone, so I did have a past and a long relationship). I surely want more than companionate love, or closeness… should I feel guilty because of that? πŸ™‚

      PS actually I am glad not making part from the these “deliriously happy couples club” cited above. There are rare cases when the “closeness” you talk about is real, admirable and precious. You have your fairytale, my dear.

      β€˜Far away, where the swallows take refuge in winter, lived a King who had 11 sons and one daughter, Elise. The 11 brothers β€” they were all princes β€” used to go to school with stars on their breasts and swords at their sides. They wrote upon golden slates with diamond pencils, and could read just as well without a book as with one, so there was no mistake about their being real princes. Their sister Elise sat upon a little footstool of looking glass, and she had a picture book which had cost the half of a kingdom. Oh, these children were very happy, but it was not to last thus forever.’

      So begins β€˜The Wild Swans’, a beautiful fairytale you surely know. But this is another story.

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