The Enchanted Places




9 thoughts on “The Enchanted Places

  1. Such a glorious place and wonderful pictures. I love that one of the golden light coming through the trees best. WOW!! It has a bit of the divine shining there. And your wild child looks so peaceful in his element. XOXO

  2. Incredible words ~ match by the feeling and meaning of the photography. All throughout I get the feeling of the big question, and then you ask it “Can we ever return to the Enchanted Forests of Childhood?” Perhaps not, but it should be the never-ending goal to at least try ~

    The whole philosophy of Daoism is to return back to the mind of the child, and while it may never be reached – getting close counts. Supreme visuals match your words and meaning, and the first and last photo are absolutely perfect. A masterpiece Luana ~ beautifully and artistically created.

  3. A place where you can feel momentarily silenced my dear. Nature speaks louder, and you MUST listen to.
    Can we ever return to the Enchanted Forest of Childhood? Perhaps it is about imagining new possibilities…. as we used to imagine life when we were still so young. I am in need of new possibilities.

    Instead of Daoism, I would talk about I Ching: Or Book of Changes :)! Mmmm hexagrams astonishingly obscure like deep waters… water is everywhere! the five phases of wood, fire, earth, metal and water…. the space at the hub that allows the wheel to turn: water!!!! My element.

    I am sincerly happy you are back.
    You have a …. remarkable “absence” and a consistent presence.
    Thank you.

  4. A very much belated Happy Birthday, Handsome Prince! 🌟✨💫✨🌟

    This is a great tribute to life, love, literature, children and childhood memories, Luana. Wonderful photography as always.
    Wishing you a great summer! ☀️
    Dina x

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