Nutrition is not mathematical. It is emotional.



Massimo Bottura takes inspiration from contemporary art to create highly innovative dishes that play with Italian culinary traditions.

This film explores Bottura’s philosophy and celebrates the launch of his first book, Never Trust A Skinny Italian Chef.

Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef is a tribute to Bottura’s twenty‐five year career and the evolution of Osteria Francescana, his three Michelin star restaurant based in Modena, Italy. Divided into four chapters, each one dealing with a different period, the book features 50 recipes and stories explaining Bottura’s inspirations (including the music and art that motivates him), ingredients, and techniques. Follow Bottura as he pries, pokes and questions the authority of tradition, and in result creates whimsical dishes with a wink such as Memory of a Mortadella Sandwich, Tortellini Walking on Broth, and Oops! I Dropped the Lemon Tart!… the recipe featured in the video 🙂

“My bones are made of Parmigiano Reggiano, and balsamic vinegar rushes through my veins. This is my story and my kitchen.” he says – Yet, he does not let the old rules define him. He considers recipes to be “living” documents which need refreshing just as much as the human mind.

Illustrated with specially commissioned color photography by contemporary artists Stefano Graziani and Carlo Benvenuto, and featuring a conversation between Bottura and artist Maurizio Cattelan, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef will delight and inspire chefs, Italian food lovers, and fans of creative cuisine alike.





Best Italian Restaurant
2th Best Restaurant
in the World.

3 thoughts on “Nutrition is not mathematical. It is emotional.

    • Italians do it better 😉 a bit of a stereotype my dear… but this is… the naked reality:)
      No french restaurant in the World TOP TEN… do you still wonder why??
      Cheers and thank you for visiting.

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