The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

Andy Tauer Pitti fragranze 2015

Extrait from

On the tauer perfumes side: I am getting mentally ready for autumn. And I bought a pair of sneakers. For the Pitti Frangrance fair 2015 in Florence. (OH YES, I SAW THEM!)

That turned into some sort of tradition and you can expect to see many shoe pictures on facebook then! I love that. There is something joyful and fun about it. It takes the seriousness out of Pitti and this od glamour world of perfumes and their creators and the folks selling them. You know: After I got my sneakers, I sneaked into the niche corner of one of Zurich’s larger department stores. By US standards you would be super amazed to see the brands there compared to “US department stores”. Compared to the offerings by stores like Twisted Lily or Tigerlily or others it is of course still a modest offering. The brands there: Everything that I consider industrial niche. You know them, no need to drop names here. What did I do there? Sniffing a few bottles, because I heard so much about this and that. I did not spray one scent on paper. It was all just to, well: standardized might fit to describe the offering.


And you know what: That’s perfectly fine. I mean….if you are a department store you need to sell. A lot. No time for complicated stories. My little side note is just: Please, please, please… stop calling it art.

So the sales rep of a particular brand asked me “do you know the scent”?

“Yes, I do”. I said.

“Ah”, she replied.


That was it. The communication ended there. If I was the brand owner of this particular brand: Get the sales rep back into school.

Another take home message there, in the department store: Not a lot of folks buying. In the niche area I mean. But at least there was a good crowd. This is great: There is a growing interest for different perfumes, also in Zurich, Switzerland. In the classical perfume theatre, where you find Chanel and others: It was amazingly quiet. Dead as a dodo. If I was brand owner of one of these classical brands: I would be worried.


Oh, Andy… I love the way you say things. But most of all… I love your fragrances!!!

See you next year.

14 thoughts on “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.

      • Allergic to all perfumes?? Incredible!
        If you would be allergic in this sense, even smelling a flower in the garden may cause you problems (like red spots on your skin, etc)
        Not using perfumes as a choice, is something different 🙂

      • Flowers can make me sneeze or give me a headache if they are near me indoors, but I’m usually fine outside. As long as I don’t put my nose up to them too much. On my skin — eczema, it’s horrible! No fragrance on my skin or in my clothes or soap. Unless I’m prepared to turn red and itch. Which I’m generally not. 🙂

      • Oh dear, I know well how it feels. You would not believe, but a few times happened also to me. I still remember my moto “I won’t get out from the house, I am a red monster!”. Yet, it does not prevent me from wearing my perfumes in normal conditions most of the times when apparantely my allergy disappears completely. What I can not stand is the low quality of the products – soaps, cosmetics… and of course, perfumes. Tauer is a real artist… and really a wonderful person. But whenever you’ll come visit, we’ll certainly not go sniffig his fragrances :)… we’ll be perfectly ok in the kitchen and around the garden.

      • LOL I used to love soaps perfumed with flower scents and bath soaps. But I don’t love eczema. I would happily spend my time in your kitchen and garden. What a treat that would be.

  1. What a great line to open the post ~ “The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you…” this is the magical way to begin a day… and the photos show a bit of a nostalgic and also privileged pieces of life we see in a day. Pieces that keep the romance alive.

      • Ha, ha ~ good point. Nah, in Chinese I stay local with whatever they are drinking (usually a local bai-jiu). Although, they are beginning to drink a lot more wine – the guy I work with loves California reds and Oregon Pinot Noir. 🙂 I need to introduce him to some Italian wines ~

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