If the meaning of music goes beyond words, is there any point trying to analyse it?

Music is the only art that addresses our emotions without any intermediary.

Photographs, poems, novels evoke emotions by showing or describing stories or scenes, or by providing a verbal rendition of thoughts which in turn provokes the emotional response. Music does not normally have that kind of content, yet its power to evoke extraordinary feelings – even ones we might never experience otherwise – is unmatched in power and subtlety.

If using words, one will necessarily always miss the real essence of the phenomenon.


Mendelssohn’s admonition in this context goes something like: “Music cannot be described with words — not because music is vague, but because music is more specific than words.”

Pretty hard to get around that one, but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t try!

Am I QUITE SPECIFIC while describing my routine and every day life by posting these pictures?

my octopus

5 thoughts on “If the meaning of music goes beyond words, is there any point trying to analyse it?

  1. A very beautiful and evocative post Luana ~ “We take pleasure, I think, in being consummately ignored.” I do not know where you found that quote, but somehow it fits perfectly with your imagery and words. Yes, your photos and words definitely are perfectly described by music. Wishing you a great start to the Year of the Monkey – take care.

  2. Well… I am coming out from a very funny Sunday…
    I prepared lunch for some of my friends. Nearly melting in tears receiving their compliments. Not at all “ignored”, absolutely overwhelmed. Wish I could explain you what means to me preparing food… I have no words for that.
    But I wish and I hope you will sit at my table and I will be able to translate my words in something else.

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