I feel therefore I am


One of the largest cathedral domes in the Christian world, the Duomo in Florence.

Vassari Florence.jpg


Ponte Vecchio.jpg










8 thoughts on “I feel therefore I am

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  2. Just lovely, Luanne. Orson Welles has a point. Although I think the Swiss also have good government and three national languages. Perhaps they are too busy learning all those languages to fight. 😉 I tweeted this for you. Was that your wild child playing piano? He looks too young. XOXO

  3. Welles pointed that as well 🙂

    My child never looked like the one in the picture. This little one was playing piano at Mercato Centrale… so convinced about his role :). How was Easter there?

  4. “I feel therefore I am” Yes indeed, you are 🙂 I’d love to be sitting in the Florence cafe as well, taking in the smells, the people and life around me ~

  5. Within the human heart there is the beauty of this World.
    Certain places, as Florence for instance – to not mention as always only Montalcino, can lead directly to this knowing. Come see if I am right or not.

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