In truth each day is a universe in which we are tangled in the light of stars.



The Summer Holiday has started…. and so did the new Instagram adventure!

… Put quick creative energy into photos and get them out to people in seconds. Knowing they’ll be be published instantly from the camera changes our approach to photos a little, and it’s attractive.

It’s funny how hard it is to pick an interesting image from a giant grid on a web site. It’s also funny how many images we look at each day. What’s not funny is how much all that digital viewing numbs our senses and sucks our souls. I’m speaking in terms of science, of course. But when you display one image at a time in a series that’s essentially customized, based on time, something profound happens… then, it doesn’t hurt to have the images trapped inside a beautiful iPhone screen 🙂 Photography has always been all about the equipment, and not at all about the equipment (The quality of camera phone images and filters, whether you love or hate them, is now relatively high now.. I could notice that myself and the pictures posted here are the proof! they are all coming from my iPhone 🙂

Social apps have an ephemeral quality. We used to joke that sites like MySpace or Friendster were like night clubs. They are cool for a little while, but then people want to go somewhere else. Every once in a while, you have a club that endures, but it’s rare. Even my beloved Flickr seems a little deserted lately… Hopefully WP and Instagram will always be a great experience!

Wish you all a great summer!











13 thoughts on “In truth each day is a universe in which we are tangled in the light of stars.

  1. Hi Luanne, Your wild child is looking calm and grown. How sad. Yet how beautiful. Your photos are gorgeous. I didn’t take to instagram. I can’t tell on my phone when something is out of focus, and so I’d upload to my laptop, then have to email to my phone. Save the picture. Then upload to instagram. Then put it back on my laptop again. Ugh. I’m way too lazy.

  2. Good morning dear! well, my wild child has grown, he will be ten in a few days! but he is always wild, except a few little moments and whenever he sleeps 🙂
    Must find some extra time to play with the pics coming from my phone, I must say that is quite funny. Wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Great photos with loads an loads of magic. A very belated happy 10th birthday, little Prince, growing up so fast … Hope you all had a smashing summer.
    I’ll pop over to Instagram and have a look right now.
    Dina ❤

    • Hi Dina… how was your summer? we had indeed great time during these months, if we not mention the sad event which took place a few km away from the wonderful place we spent our holidays: the earthquake in Umbria/Lazio/Marche. School is finally starting again and we’re preparing for truffle hunting in Tuscany.

      A big hug for the Fab Four 🙂

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