I like the smell of earth, the touch of the sea waves (could not live without), the taste of the cake my grandmother used to prepare for me and that i will always remember, the sound of my Son’s voice and the feeling of being fully alive !

some other “pills”??
La qualità che preferisco in un uomo?
Onestà, rispetto, passionalità…e niente machismo.

Le qualità che preferisco in una donna?
Fondamentalmente che sia capace do prendersi cura delle persone che ama. Credo molto nello stare insieme.

La mia idea di felicità?
Non avere programmi e orari.
Adesso?? Sentire il mare.
Che cosa non sopporto?
La mancanza di emozioni. La gente che non rispetta gli altri. In generale, i maleducati.

74 thoughts on “About

    • My daddy married a city girl and put her in the country, and then I married a city boy and he put me in the city…for awhile anyway. We’re now living in small-town southwest Missouri and enjoying the best of both worlds!

      Hello!! well, I did like your “story”…in my family happened just the same..

      • It’s so wonderful to have the experiences of both ways of life! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your slice of heaven as well — it’s a wonderful life! Rome seems like a fascinating place — I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard and seen so many interesting things about it. One day I hope to do some traveling and that is one of the places I’d really like to visit! I hope you had a great Christmas!

      • thank you a lot… Wish you and your family all the best and a Happy New Year! I’ll try to fill my blog with these places and share a lot of beautiful things…so, you can get a more “complete” idea about my ITALY. Unfortunatelly, I was very bussy lately….. but I’ll try to do my best in the future!
        Have a great evening… Felice Anno Nuovo!

  1. You have a happy New Year’s day as well, and a great start to 2013! I have enjoyed seeing some of the wonderful things on your blog, and I do understand how busy life can be sometimes. Have a great day today!

  2. Hey,

    Just Wanted To Send You Some Music I think You Will Love and Hopefully Post On Your WordPress Page or Even Give A Spin On Your Show. Its By An Artist Named Landon and The Song Is called “From Paris” … Very Acoustic Sounding Artist, with Great writing. If You Can, Please Listen and Let Me Know what You Think. http://youtu.be/dVb6gHqQ2yo … I Have Followed Your Page and Hope You Will Find Interest On My page Like I Have found On Yours.

    Thanks Again,
    Quentin G. Hobbs

      • Thanks So Much For The Support, The Song Is Of An Artist I Work With And I Think He Is Very Skilled. I Like Your Page Alot and Think You Have A Great Site. Hope We Can Continue To Support each Other and Feel Free To Hit Me Up Anytime. See Your Close To My Norway Author Also …He’ll Be Traveling Towards You Soon. You Should Email Him!!

  3. Lovely blog, great photography! I find your work very inspiring and look forward to following you into the future!
    Greetings from Norway

    • oh, THANK YOU! highly honored! you have found a blog from south…:) as i’m in the central Italy, Rome zone. The photography for me is the funny part of life…:) Thank you for following! your blog is so interesting! have to look at attentively and thoughtfully….

      • Please, forgive me, if I’m disturbing now and this is really not the right place, but did you send me a personal e-mail yesterday? I received a nice e-mail from Italy, but it dosen’t have your WP-emailadress and I’m reluctant to give away information and answer e-mails when I have no clue who the sender is with all this spams, viruses, wurms and so on…
        Have a lovely evening!
        L♥ve and a big hug

      • …trying to contribute more than I consume. Sneakers in Africa yes, but I can appreciate Andrea Pfsiter in Milan too 😉

  4. Your world is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, and also thank you very much for compliments and comments – those are appreciated and they mean a lot. Thankyouthankyouthankyou 🙂

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Need a lot of vegan inspo resources, my dear…I would be happy if you write me, even via mail…
      Did you ever prepare Thai recipes?? if yes, will you tell me about your experience??

      Thank you very much!
      Warmly, Luana

  5. Your photos are really touching Luana! And it’s wonderful how you integrate pieces from literature with your photos. Very artistic and so beautiful, and deep. 🙂

    • well, happy to meet you, Elina…your photography and way of being are so genuine…the fact you call your partner “my man” was sounding so beautiful, too…So true. Your approach to life generally must be very genuine and I truly appreciate this. Really hope to see more beautiful life fragments on your blog….
      Wish you and your family a very nice evening, Luana.

  6. Hello Luana, thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and Likes. My wife told me alot about your blog and now i see why. I have to come here and spend more time soon. Thank you again and all the best. Greetings, Marcus.

    • Good evening Marcus! what a beautiful surprise! Bridget is amazing as she is able to connect so many aspects of life! and seeing your work I can understand why she was telling me she is so proud about you!! Wonderful work and intersting concepts..such a pleasure seeing your gallery! Wish you both all the very best and hope to know so much more about your photography.
      Have a wonderful evening, Luana.

    • Well, somehow I feel a bit like Bert Hardy, who was saying ” Everywhere I look and most of the time I look, I see photographs.” …The words complete the “story”…and the creativity is part of me. I really thank you for appreciating.

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