Flowers in October

If you imagine others are there, you are there yourself.

Truth has the structure of a fiction

Out of sight, out of mind? (lies)

As the author of the Clean and Lean diet book series and the founder of Bodyism, a top gym nestled in the exclusive surroundings of London’s Bulgari Hotel, Mr James Duigan is more than qualified to provide a healthy antidote to last month’s indulgent episode of The Way I Cook. In this, the final instalment, the England-born, Australia-raised fitness guru cooks a simple meal of baked sea bream with a salad of pecan, cucumber, fig and avocado, that will, in his own words, “get you looking and feeling amazing”. Watch the video, to see how to make this no-nonsense, nutrient-rich dish, and to hear the mission statement of the man who inspired the following testimonial from one of his clients, none other than Mr Hugh Grant: “James has made me thin and lightly muscled, and frankly irresistible.”

Oh, all right, I say, I’ll save myself

Perception of an object costs precise the Object’s loss

Forgive my black and white. There was no Purple suitable — You took it all with you.


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