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A moveable Feast / Summer again

Eggs Benedict

HollandaiseHollandaise 2

Oh, Ramsay… thank you.


Marrying Me

When Jennifer Hoes married herself at a ceremony in Haarlem in The Netherlands in 2003, she became a minor tabloid sensation, portrayed by media outlets as, by turns, lonely, self-centered, and a laughing stock. But when viewed from Jennifer’s perspective 10 years later, the act transforms into a powerful expression of Jennifer Hoes, and an invitation for others to set their own path.

In Marrying Me, Jennifer reflects on her decision, including how her father’s death when he was 30, influenced her, while arguing that people too often live according to arbitrary societal rules.

This should be a new, personalized tradition. Like a coming-of-age or special moment in life celebration. How many times do we pledge our loyalty to family, friends, state, but forget the most important – be true to ourselves!


Language: English

Director: Chloe White

Editor: Chloe White

Original music: Daniel J. Fallon

Your fate is to be yourself, both punishment and crime.


Don’t condemn sensuality. It has been condemned by the whole world, and because of their condemnation, the energy that can flower in sensuality moves into perversions, jealousy, anger, hatred — a kind of life which is dry, with no juice. Sensuousness is one of the greatest blessings to humanity. It is your sensitivity, it is your consciousness. Consciousness filtering through the body is what sensuousness is.

CDsKjE8WEAAVJ60.jpg_largePh © Henri Cartier-Bresson

There is so much we overlook, while the abundance around us continues to shimmer, on its own.


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